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My first monthly update: December 2021

My first monthly update: December 2021

Happy new year everyone! 🎉

This is the first time I am doing a monthly update :) In my monthly updates, I plan to share my progress, numbers, and any highlights from the last month.

Here are a couple of highlights from December:

  • I finished the first half of 30x500 course
  • I published 6 posts on nirshub.blog and 6 people subscribed
  • I started working part-time @ Celero.io
  • No product idea yet, but I am starting to narrow down on a problem space

I finished the first half of the 30x500 course

30x500 is an online course for bootstrapped founders. The first half of the course helped me to:

  1. Find a community of people I want to build for, also known as "Watering holes"
  2. Develop the skills to observe pain points inside the community, also known as "Sales Safari"
  3. Turn these pain points into content that people will find engaging, also known as "e-bombs"
  4. Share my posts with the community.

I am currently focused on the r/SaaS community. I go through r/SaaS twice a week, write down major pain points I observe, and comment where I can be helpful.

I am about to start the second half of 30x500, which is focused on turning these pain points into a business. I will keep you updated on my progress.

I published 6 posts on nirshub.blog and 6 people subscribed

This month I started nirshub.blog.

My plan is to share a mix of:

  • Content for early stage SaaS founders
  • Updates on my progress

This month I posted about:

For now, I am writing about any topic that comes up on r/SaaS. I hope to narrow it down soon by focusing on a specific problem space.

I am still trying to find my rhythm and style of writing. I want to try and make posts a little shorter this month.

I am thankful to the 6 people who subscribed to my blog this month 🎉 I hope you find the content useful and would love to hear your feedback!  

I started working part-time @ Celero.io

Being a father of 2 means I also have plenty of expenses. After my last experience starting a SaaS, I know that it takes at least 1-2 years to get to a decent revenue. Going full time on my SaaS now would put me under a huge pressure.

So I decided to work part-time. I joined an amazing team at Celero.io, an early stage marketing platform for B2B marketers.

I am working 3 days a week, which means I have 2 full days to work on my SaaS. I am doing a mix of product management and engineering.

So far it's been a great mix. It's also nice to mix the challenges of a completely new product with the challenges of a more established company.

No product idea yet, but I am starting to narrow down on a problem space

It's been 2 months since I started working on my new SaaS. I ll be honest, having no idea what my product will be is stressing me out a little. Mostly because I don't know if what I am doing right now is progress or procrastination.

I am trusting the 30x500 process, but I still feel insecure about not having a product idea.

I feel like in the past I have jumped into the building phase too quickly, and this time I hope to find a little more validation before jumping in.

As I am observing other SaaS founders on r/SaaS, I have started gravitating towards helping developers who have a tough time building their MVPs. Some of these developers are coming from a backend experience, and building a webapp is a struggle for them.

One of my biggest strengths is mixing my tech skills with a decent eye for user experience, to build fast MVPs without compromising on the user experience.

It feels like this might be a good problem space to start from. I am still completely open to other ideas, and feel like it will be a good idea to keep observing a little longer before jumping in.

Have any thoughts or feedback on my progress so far? Feel free to start a conversation with me on Twitter @nirshub