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Tailwind CSS made me fall in love with web development again

10 years ago, I had my first proper experience with web development. We were using the Bootstrap CSS framework to build Homie. I fell in love with how easy it is to create beautiful user experiences in such a short time.

Since then, I have built many different web apps, both as side projects and professional web apps. Many of these apps used the Bootstrap CSS Framework. Using Bootsrap, we would usually start from a theme on Themeforest. Once the project grew and we added a professional designer, we would usually move away from Bootstrap and ended up with a lot of custom css, that slowed the development process.

6 months ago I started using the Tailwind CSS framework. At first it felt too low level, and weird to use so many classes on the HTML markup. But after a few days it really clicked for me. Having these awesome utility classes as part of the code help you move so much faster. It reminded me of my first experience developing for the web.

Example of typical Tailwind CSS code

Thanks Tailwind for this awesome framework and thanks Bootstrap for paving the way!